Smoking Cessation Therapy Program

3 Comprehensive Sessions for Helping Clients Stop Smoking

The Hypnosis for Smoking Cessation Therapy Manual is designed to prepare students to manage smoking cessation using hypnosis. Helping people stop smoking is one of the most common therapeutic uses of hypnosis.

“Can hypnosis help me quit smoking?” is one of the most common questions people have about hypnosis. The answer is yes!

In scientific studies the use of hypnosis has been shown to be three times more effective than other methods of smoking cessation with a success rate of about 30 percent. Hypnosis has the power to break the link between trigger activities that smokers associate with having a cigarette.

Hypnosis offers the unique ability to direct suggestions to the smoker's subconscious where these powerful trigger links can at last be removed or replaced. The hypnotherapist first asks questions to identify an individual's specific triggers.

The suggestions will focus on the health benefits of not smoking such as, improved sense of taste, more money, and better health rather than focusing on the negatives. The trick to success is breaking the smoker’s habit patterns.

The smoking cessation manual is separated into three sessions which is the standard number of sessions when working with hypnosis for smoking cessation. This book includes information for the hypnotherapist, handouts to give to clients, and hypnotherapy scripts.

Also included with this program is a set of Stop Smoking CDs, Volumes 1, 2 & 3. You can use these MP3s with your client during the session and you also have permission to give them to your client. Download the MP3s and save them to your computer. Assign them as homework to your client to listen to daily. Repetition is the key to changing habits.

Who is the Therapy Manual for?

This Therapy Manual is for those interested in using hypnosis to overcome smoking cessation. Students will be able to apply the skills and knowledge in their personal life and their professional career.

Students will learn:

  • The most common issues related to smoking
  • Creating a comfortable and supportive environment
  • Understanding how hypnosis works for smoking
  • Recognizing resistance
  • Specific hypnosis skills and techniques for smoking cessation:
    • Evaluation
    • Induction
    • How to build effective scripts
    • Appropriate post-hypnotic suggestions
    • Effective exit techniques

"This training has changed my life and has brought a new awareness and understanding of the psychology of human behavior. I now have much more to offer my clients in making a better life for themselves."

- Jane Berthiaume

Your Instructor

Jennifer Alexander
Jennifer Alexander

I am thrilled to have you part of our family at the College of Hypnotherapy.

Over the past several years, Hypnotherapy has become one of the world’s leading health and wellness professions. For the first time in history, people worldwide are looking for practitioners specializing in natural and holistic health or other wellness professionals.

Today, nearly half of all medical visits are with a natural/holistic practitioner. As the demand for holistic practitioners increases, the need for highly-trained practitioners who can meet the challenges many of us face daily is skyrocketing. Never before have people been so accepting of alternative health treatment options. As a result, career opportunities have flooded the market at a rapid pace.

The College of Professional Hypnotherapy is accredited by the Results Therapy International Association and meets the standards needed to earn professional recognition in hypnotherapy. Our experienced and highly qualified instructors were selected based on their devotion, expertise, knowledge, and desire to help the next generation of hypnotherapists master their skills.

Our proven system will give you the knowledge and experience needed to handle the demand for highly-qualified hypnotherapists. We offer continuing and advanced educational opportunities to professionals in numerous industries.

Thank you again for being part of the College of Professional Hypnotherapy. We can’t wait to show you more about the wonderful world of alternative therapies.

About Jennifer Eve Alexander, Clinical Hypnotherapist & Instructor

I am the founder of the College of Professional Hypnotherapy and Results Therapy International Association. Since 1998, I’ve been involved in hypnotherapy and NLP. I’ve run my own successful practice and as well as teach hypnotherapy and NLP. For over a decade, I’ve been studying human behaviour and helping my clients overcome their issues in six sessions or less.

Over the years, I’ve helped numerous people overcome chronic health conditions, enhance sports performance, improve relations, and increase financial wealth. I’m passionate about teaching people the power of hypnosis and educating them on how they can manifest the life they’ve always dreamed of.

As an author, I’ve published two of my own books, “101 Stories That Never Happened: Secrets to a Depression Free Life” and “From Resistance to Results: 7 Keys to Achieving Any Goal,” as well as co-authored the book, “Entrepreneurial Spirits” with Dr. Joe Vitale and John Assaraf (from the movie, “The Secret”).

My Teaching Philosophy

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe is quoted as saying, “If I accept you as you are, I will make you worse; however, if I treat you as though you are what you are capable of becoming, I help you become that.”

This quote beautifully sums up my teaching philosophy. Through my hypnotherapy experience, I have been blessed with the ability to see the best in people. I see beyond their fears, limitations, blockages, and challenges and help them pull out their true potential.

Human beings want to be around people who believe in them. I believe not just in my courses, but in my students, and I strive to bring out the best in each one of them. If you are reading this, it is my sincere gratitude that you are joining us here to learn and grow together so that we can all live extraordinary lives!

Here’s to your success and the success of the world!


Jennifer Alexander, Clinical Hypnotherapist & Instructor

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