Weight Loss MP3s

Release Weight Now & Forever

Hypnotherapy is safe, natural and effective for gaining more control in your life. Hypnotherapy will also assist you in changing any non-support beliefs into new positive supportive ways of life for you.

The Weight Loss MP3s consist of three individual audio recordings.

Audio 1: Release Weight Now & Forever

This hypnotherapy audio is for creating and keeping a slim, trim and healthy body.

Audio 2: Enjoy Your Body Once Again

This hypnotherapy audio is for feeling comfortable and good about your body.

Audio 3: Positive Affirmations for Permanent Weight Control

The affirmations on this audio can be listened to during the day while in the conscious state and reinforce the positive changes stated in the other two audios.

As you listen to these audios you may begin to notice some other amazing changes in your reality too. You may find that your relationships improve, you have more confidence and self-esteem, you are happier in their chosen career and maybe even soon you are making more money simply because you believe in yourself, you now feel worthy and deserving of all the good things life has to offer you.

One of the best times to listen to any of these three recordings is when you go to bed at night. If you find yourself falling asleep that is perfectly fine, your subconscious is always listening and will do whatever is in your highest good anyway.

While listening find a comfortable place to either sit or lie down. A place where no one will disturb you, no one will bother you. If you like, you can turn down the lights, lock the doors, turn off phones because you deserve to make the time and create a place of solitude and peace for yourself in your life.

I wish you much deserved success in your life as you get ready to unlock your true potential.

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